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    The American Cribbage Congress is the official sanctioning body of cribbage within the United States. The Congress was established in 1980 to promote the game of cribbage, and to establish standardized rules and a scoring system. A 25-member Board of Directors manages the business of the ACC, meeting twice a year (in conjunction with the Tournament of Champions in February and the Grand National in late September/early October). In addition, an Executive Committee and six standing committees operate on a regular basis. These standing committees are:

    • Tournament Rules/Guidelines Committee
    • Rules Committee
    • Public Relations/Publicity Committee
    • Judges Program Committee
    • Grass Roots Program Committee
    • Ethics Committee

    In addition to sanctioning weekend tournaments and overseeing the Grass Roots program, the ACC also runs an internet cribbage program, a youth program to promote and teach the game to school-age children, and prints Cribbage World, a free monthly magazine to keep members informed about tournament results, upcoming tournaments, Grass Roots clubs, and updated member statistics. Cribbage World is now available online at

    Official scoring statistics are maintained by the ACC on a yearly and lifetime basis. These statistics are based on the Master Ratings Points (MRPs) earned in sanctioned tournaments, Grass Roots Points (GRPs) earned by players within their Grass Roots clubs, and Internet Ratings Points (IRPs) for players who play sanctioned online tournaments. Members earn lifetime awards based on their cumulative points earned within each point system. Members who have earned lifetime awards, players who have won a sanctioned tournament, and players who end the ACC season as part of the top 50 within their ACC region will receive an invitation to play in the Tournament of Champions that runs in conjunction with the JPW/ACC Open.

    Membership in the American Cribbage Congress is open to anyone. Yearly dues for a standard member are $15, and includes your subscription to Cribbage World. Fill out your membership application today!

    This website is not endorsed by, nor affiliated with, the American Cribbage Congress.
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