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    It's common for new players to be nervous about joining a Grass Roots club or playing in a weekend tournament. Relax and don't get stressed about it. Here are some tips to consider before you play in your first competitive event.

    • You will make a mistake from time to time - we all do. Don't dwell on it, and don't let it affect the rest of your game. Recognize that you made a mistake, learn from it, and move on. If you dwell on your mistakes, it will only distract you from your game.
    • Don't worry that you don't know how everything works (rotation of play, marking your scorecard, etc). Cribbage players are generally very helpful to new players, and can answer your questions. Don't be afraid to ask!
    • Don't let your opponent intimidate you. Don't forget, everyone was a new player at one time just like you are now. Don't concentrate on your opponent, all you can do is control your own game.
    • Don't rush - even though there is a 15-minute expected time limit for each game, most people can play their games within that time without having to rush through it. Your opponent may try to play quickly in order to get your away from your comfort level. Play the game at a speed in which you feel comfortable. Rushing your game, just like focusing on past mistakes, can do nothing but distract you.
    • Don't get discouraged if you are in the middle of a losing streak. Everybody has good days and bad days - even the best of players have some really lousy results from time to time!
    • If you are unsure about a rule, you have the right to call for a judge. In a situation like this, simply raise your hand and call out "Judge". Once 2 official judges have arrived at your game, they will ask for an explanation of the situation and make their ruling.
    • Most importantly, HAVE FUN! Ultimately, that's why we all play the game!
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